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Rowing out into the Sunshine

but I don't think this boat is big enough for two

8 July
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23 things you may not know about me...
Stolen from rubberducksrule
updated 21/05/09
1: My current favourite colours are red and black, but that will be different tomorrow
2: I am very grammatically challenged, but studying English at uni
3: I cannot abide being lied to
4: I feel really guilty about not really speaking another language
5: For Christmas this year, one of my favourite gifts was a box of wax crayons
6: I love F1, and cannot seem to find anyone in Leeds willing to share my love with
7: I am a massive emo really, just a well disguised one
8: I just ate a bowl of couscous - the food so nice they named it twice
9: I cannot wait to go traveling again
10: My favourite food is ice cream
11: Nap time is one of the best parts of my day
12: I have a serious weakness for guys who wear hats and have tattoos
13: Some of the older posts on LJ actually make me cringe. Apologies for being a douche every now and then
14: I'd quite like to be a writer or a midwife, but haven't decided which yet
15: I sleep more than any other person I know
16: One day I will be rich enough to buy a 1970s Chevrolet.
17: I say 'good/bad times' more that I should
18: Occasionally I worry that my parents are cooler than me
19: I frequently wish that I was a guy, just because it looks so much more convenient
20: I abhor most physical activity, and only do it because I have to
21: I think I might be allergic to apricots but love them so much I eat them, despite how awful I feel afterward. It's always worth it.
22: I miss owning my own car. So very, very much.
23: As number twenty-three here is mine, and my Grandad's, favourite joke;
What's the difference between a weasel and a stoat?
A weasel is weasily recognised, and a stoat is stoatally different

I actually laughed just writing that down...*facepalm*

I gave me away
I could have knocked off the evening
But a lonelily landed my waltz in his hands
In a way I felt you were leaving me
I was sure I wouldn't find you at home
And you let me down
Could have knocked off the evening
But you lonelily let her push under your bone
You let me down
It's no use deceiving
Neither of us wanna be alone